Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle

Comprehensive – provides both against the loss of or damage to the insured vehicle as well as legal liabilities that may arise from its use.

Loss or Damage- indemnifies the insured against loss or damage to the insured vehicle due to:

Accidental collision or overturning fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, burglary, housebreaking or theft and malicious acts by third parties.

Comprehensive Third Party Liability (CTPL)- coverage required by law for the registration of any vehicle licensed for use on the public highways. Provides protection of up to a maximum of P 50,000.00 for legal liabilities due to death of, or bodily injury to third parties.

Own Damage- Protects insured’s vehicle against loss or damage due to accident as well as loss due to theft.

Excess Third Party Liability- (Bodily Injury)- covers liabilities of the insured due to death of or bodily injury to third parties in excess of the limits provided under the CTPL coverage up to a maximum of P 200,000.00 (may be increased subject to additional premium)

Unnamed Passengers Personal Accident – insures each passenger up to P 50,000.000 with a maximum of P 250,000.00 per vehicle for death and permanent disability due to an accident while riding in the insured vehicle.

Voluntary Third Party Liability (Property Damage) – covers the insured against liabilities due to actual physical damage to properties of third parties arising out of the use of the insured vehicle up to a maximum of P 200,000.00(may be increased subject to additional premium).

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