Motor Car Claims

Motorcar Claims Requirements

  • Photocopy of the Policy
  • Photocopy of the official receipt (OR);
  • Photocopy of Endorsement (if any);
  • Photocopy of Car Registration and Motor Vehicle Registration Receipt;
  • Photocopy of Driver’s License; and
  • Original Police Report; and/or
  • Duly notarized Affidavit of the driver (if the circumstances are not clear in the police report).
  • Pictures showing Plate number and damaged portion of the insured’s vehicle
  • 2-3 Original repair estimates/quotations, with part number, from dealer
  • Stencil of Chassis and Motor number.

Very Important Reminder:

  • Never have your unit repaired without approval of the Company’s Claim Division. This is a ground for denial of claim.
  • In case insured unit is disabled, you are required to make arrangements for safekeeping of the insured unit, as stated in your policy.
  • We strongly suggest that the photocopies of the first six general requirements be readily available (preferably inside the glove compartment of your car)

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