Marine Claims


General Requirement for In-land Marine Claim

  • Insurance Policy
  • Official receipt of the Premium Payment
  • Police report/Accident Investigation Report
  • Endorsements/Attachments (if any)
  • Non-Waiver Agreement – notarized
  • Photographs of the involved vehicle and cargo
  • Assured’s Affidavit of loss declaring the following:

I.   Nature of Business of the Assured
II.  Supplier and Consignee of the cargo involved
III. Total value of the cargo/shipment
IV. Circumstances of the loss
V.  Estimated damage/loss and salvage value
VI. Any other information relative to the loss

Additional requirements

  • Driver’s Affidavit
  • Driver ‘s License and Official Receipt
  • Certificate of registration and Official Receipt of the Vehicle
  • Stencils of Motor and Chassis Number/Claim Memo/Breakage or Loss Damage Report/Certificate of Short or Non-Delivery/Receiving Report
  • Delivery receipts/Invoices/Bill of Landing/Shipping Memo/Way Bill
  • Other Pertinent Documents

General Requirements for Marine Cargo Claim

  • Insurance Policy
  • Endorsement/Attachments (if any)
  • Official Receipt of Premium Payment
  • Formal Claim to R&B Insurance Corp.
  • Photograph of Cargo

Specific Requirements

  • Bill of Landing/Coasting Manifests/Shipping Memo
  • Packing List
  • List of Bad Order Cargoes on Board Vessel/ Tally Sheet/ Turn Over and Bad Order Survey Certificates or report/ Out turn of Discharge from the vessel or Discharge Certificate/ Certificate of Non-Delivery/ Receiving Report
  • Proforma Invoice/ Commercial Invoice
  • Broker’s/ Hauler’s Delivery receipts
  • Formal Claim to forwarder/ Broker/ Shipping Company
  • Reply of Forwarder/ Broker/ shipping Company (if applicable)
  • Master’s Marine Protest (if possible)
  • Other pertinent documents

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