Accident Insurance Claim

Accident Insurance Claim Requirements

For Bodily Injury

  • Police Report/accident investigation report/affidavit of loss of witness
  • Medical Certificate
  • Receipts of medicines /hospital bills
  • Birth Certificate (if minor/incapacitated)
  • Certification from school/company (for group insurance)

For Death Claim

  • Police report/accident investigation report/affidavit of loss of witness
  • Death Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Funeral/Burial Receipts
  • Medical Certificate (if minor or single)
  • Certificate from school/company (for Group insurance)

Additional Requirements in case of Passenger Vessel Claim

  • Passenger Manifest
  • Sworn statement/Marine protest of the master of the vessel
  • MARINA Certificate of Inspection
  • Clearance from Philippine Coastguard (if applicable)

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