Tips to Prevent Car-napping

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Tips to Prevent Car-napping

1. Lock your car doors. Even when you dash something into the house or in office to grab something you forgot, a car can be stolen in seconds.

2. Always take your key with you. Stealing the car is easy and stealing cars in which keys have been left in is even easier.

3. Close the windows. Leaving windows open makes it an easy target for carjackers.

4. Park your car properly. Park in well-lit areas when you are away from home. Car thieves find it comfortable to work on cars that are parked in the dark so they are not spotted. Parking in well-lit areas will also keep you safe from assailants when you are getting in or out.

5. Keep your valuables out of sight. Visible bags, laptops, expensive mobile phones and cash can lure common thieves into car burglars. Make sure that all your valuable items are not visible for potential thieves and burglars.

6. Drive-away car napping is something easily accomplished by professional carjackers. Some just hop in and drive away. But there are cases when victims are made to believe that they were involved in a minor car accident like rear-end car bumping, thus the victim will most likely get off his vehicle for inspection. This situation gives the carjacker a chance to harass or threat the victim into leaving his car.

7. Install alarm and car immobiliser. Although, car alarms can prevent potential carjackers away, it is best to install car immobiliser on your cars

8. Use a steering wheel lock. Simple yet effective, a steering wheel lock is a two-piece bar that attaches to a vehicle’s steering wheel with two hooks. The concept behind the lock is that if the steering wheel cannot be turned, a thief will be less likely to attempt the steal the vehicle. This is also a good visual deterrent.

9. Always be aware and alert. Make sure that you are aware of what is going on around you to protect yourself and vehicle.

10. Focus at all times. Don’t get caught by lurking carjackers and car thieves preoccupied with your cellphone or lost in thought with something else. Always remember not to get out of your car without your keys along with you.

11. Have your keys ready even as you approach your car. If you pause to look for your keys, you leave yourself vulnerable to an attack.